Mr.G Live (UK)

“Sitting the drums in the bass is an art-form,” says ColinMcBean. If that is the case, he is the Michelangeloof dance music—an old master both literally and figuratively. During his long career he’s perfected the art ofreducing dancemusic to its core elements and is still making an immediate impact. “The drums and the bassand a good top line are the things that turn me on in a track, so when you hear aMr.G tune, the speakers arereally working.”Decades after starting out, the man best known asMr.G has never been more confident in what he does. Hecredits this to finding himself sometime in the last year. He now accepts he knows what he’s doing afterdecades of perfecting his craft as a DJ, live act and producer who has more than seven albums and 120 EPsunder his most popular alias alone.“I can relax now, so I can take more risks and that makes you more dangerous,” he says from his studio,where you’ll find him five days a week between nine and six.