Festival info

PIV Festival 2023 will be taking place on Saturday, July 15th from 13.00 till 23.00.

PIV Festival is located in Spaarnwoude De Ven, Velsen-Zuid, The Netherlands, about 18km west of Amsterdam.
Navigation adres of the festival: De Ven 2, Velsen-Zuid.

  • Upon arrival, please follow the signs towards your destination. In case of a traffic diversion, please follow instructions provided by the stewards.
  • Please take a waiting time of at least 30 minutes into consideration when leaving after the end of the festival.

Check the TRANSPORT tab for instruction on how to get there. On mobile: in the above dropdown menu, on desktop: in the menu on the left.

PIV Festival is a festival for adults (18+). Although we’d love to have each and every one of you, we can’t make any exceptions, not even if your birthday is the day after the festival. If your 18th birthday happens to be on the day of the festival, you’re more than welcome to celebrate this special day with us.

PIV festival is a festival for adults (18+). Thank you for bringing a valid ID with you (ID-card, passport, or driver’s license). The ID’s of all guests will be checked at the entrance.

We have a huge variety of tasty and healthy drinks and foods. We also provide a variety of vegetarian and vegan options. You are not permitted to bring your own drinks or food to the festival. 

Are you on a special diet? No problem! We serve lots of vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free options.

For our merchandise head over to our webshop:


    We provide plenty of lockers for everyone! These lockers can easily be shared: there’s room for 2 summercoats in one locker. Book your locker ticket online (until a few days before the event) or at the festival.

    Don’t forget to take care of your ears when partying the whole day! You can purchase earplugs at the Info stand.

    We don’t sell sigarettes on our festival, if you’re a smoker, please make sure you bring your own.

    Non-smoking policy on dance floors: Please be informed that it is prohibited by Dutch law to smoke in festival tents.

    Our lost & found is located at the lockerstand, at the entrance area.

    After the festival, please send an e-mail to: info@pivfestival.com

    You can get free water at the toilet area.


    Our pre-registration sale starts on January 31st at 12.00 (CET).

    Regular sale starts on February 2nd 12:00 (CET).

    Sealed Tickets are tickets that can only be downloaded shortly before the event. A visitor can still buy the tickets, they just can’t be downloaded yet. Once the tickets are available for download, the visitor will receive an email.

    If you’re a visitor of an event, this means that you will be able to download your tickets shortly before the event begins (about a day). If you’ve purchased tickets for a group of people, you’ll be able to assign the tickets or send them to your friends once they are available for download.

    You can use this tool below to find your tickets. Select the payment method you used to purchase the tickets and follow the steps.

    We kindly ask you to personalize your PIV Festival tickets in order to gain access to the festival. Personalizing your ticket is possible after you’ve received your personalization email from Eventix.

    Please keep in mind:
    • Personalizing your ticket is required for every visitor of PIV Festival;
    • Every ticket must be personalized individually;
    • The tickets will be sent by email to the main booker (the one who bought the tickets) AFTER all tickets in your order have been personalized;
    • Only the main booker (the one who bought the tickets) can initiate the personalization process.
    • If you also purchased tickets for others, you can invite all other persons to personalize their tickets themselves.
    • In case someone else has purchased tickets for you, please ask that person for your invitation link to start personalizing your ticket.
    • Additional products such as parking cards, shuttle bus¬ tickets and e-lockers can be purchased after personalizing your tickets – these tickets do not require personalization.

    You will receive an email from Eventix  as soon as the personalization period starts.

    Visitors can pay by iDeal, Credit Card, Bancontact, Sofort and Paypal. In this guide, we’ll tell you more about each of the payment methods.

    You do not have to personalize your tickets immediately; tickets can be personalized up to 48 hours before the event.

    Tickets for the PIV festival are purchased through eventix. You can only sell your tickets securely if the organiser has a partnership with TicketSwap.

    Don’t worry. You can find your tickets by using the handy Lost Tickets tool.

    Please send an email to tickets@eventix.io with the following information:

    1. The name of the event
    2. The email address used to purchase the tickets
    3. A copy of the bank statement of the transaction

    I haven’t received a confirmation email

    The easiest way to reach PIV Festival is by shuttle bus. There will be a shuttle bus service to the festival grounds and back.
    All buses are departing from Amsterdam Sloterdijk Train Station.
    Address: Sloterdijk – Hanedastraat

    All buses are signed!

    Shuttle Service times: from 12h30 on the festival day until the last visitor has left.

    You will need to buy a ticket for the shuttle bus in pre-sale, if you buy on site it will cost extra.

    Staying or living nearby? Cycling is most certainly the best and quickest option for you. Follow the bicycle signs to the festival, and park your bicycle in the designated areas.

    Uber pick up point and taxi stand are located 5 minutes walking to the south of the festival. Please ask your driver to follow the Uber signs once you are in the surrounding of the terrain.
    At departure, follow the taxi signs to get to the official Taxi & Uber pick up point.
    Please take longer waiting times and increased prices into consideration after the end of the festival.

    Taxi & Uber navigation address:
    Laaglandersluisweg 12, Velsen-Zuid, The Netherlands

    If somebody is bringing you to the festival, please use ‘Laaglandersluisweg 12, Velsen-Zuid, The Netherlands’ as a GPS destination, and follow the signs to ‘Kiss & Ride’. The Kiss & Ride drop-off point is located at 5 minutes walking distance to the festival.

    When leaving the festival, follow the ‘Kiss & Ride’ designated pick-up point.

    Parking is possible, but limited spaces are available, so it is strongly recommended to come by public transport!

    Navigation address of the festival: De Ven 2, Velsen-Zuid

    Health & Safety

    At the festival, our heroes at the first aid are there to help you at any time of the day. Are you not feeling well? Then head over there. Don’t worry, they won’t call your mother if you have been misbehaving, and they certainly won’t tell the police. Their biggest concern is that you are doing well, so don’t hesitate to ask for help.

    All festivals in the Netherlands operate under a governmental ‘zero-tolerance policy’. This means that no soft- drugs or hard drugs are allowed. Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) is also not allowed on the festival terrain.

    Bringing your medication is only permitted in combination with an official doctor’s note.

    Your safety is extremely important to us. Therefore, everything and everyone is searched at the entrance (including luggage). Do you have something with you that is on our ‘blacklist’? Then we’ll throw it away. Pay attention! In some cases, access to the site of the festival may be denied.

    You’re not allowed to bring weapons, sharp or hard objects, glass and fluids. Bringing your own food and drinks is only allowed on the Camping grounds (and not on the festival site).

    Due to safety reasons, you’re not allowed to bring nitrous oxide.

    Party consciously and safe dear Friends! You’ll find the exact location on the floorplans, which will be handed out at the festival.

    Disabled persons

    PIV festival is accessible to everyone. Are you unable to enter via the regular entrance or do you need special equipment? We have taken a number of measures and facilities. Assistance? Please don’t hesitate to ask the staff at PIV Festival for assistance!

    Do you need a handicap parking spot or want to be dropped off closer than the Kiss & Ride? Ask one of our supportive traffic controllers. The shuttle bus service is also wheelchair accessible.

    At our toilet area there is a disabled toilet. Don’t hesitate to ask our staff if you need assistance.


    For questions regarding the festival please contact: info@pivfestival.com

    Find our terms & Conditions here (link toevoegen)