Youandewan (UK)

Since the release of his first record in 2008, DJ and producer Youandewan has been quietly forging his own idiosyncratic take on house and techno. Born in Scotland raised in Yorkshire and living in Berlin since 2013 Ewan Smith’s productions blend influences from across the electronic spectrum. A penchant for deeper shades of introspection works in tandem with a knack for kinetic and club-focused grooves – ably demonstrated by his releases on labels like Voyage Cabinet Secretsundaze and Aus music home to his 2016 debut long-player ‘There Is No Right Time’. DJ sets at clubbing institutions such as fabric, Panorama Bar, Womb and DC10 have seen Ewan mature into a skilled and versatile selector – with a record bag that collects the best bits of vintage UK tech house acid-laced cruisers and deeper strains of golden-era house and techno.