RAW Equipment

Raw Equipment is a Dutch producer and humble Utrecht based digger who stepped into the limelight with gigs including a closing set at Shelter Amsterdam and main stage peak time at Thuishaven. He has released on labels such as Girasole-, Lacuna- and PIV records. 

RAW Equipment’s roots lie in Hip Hop which he started collecting a decade ago. Soon after that he began moving towards the deeper end of techno music. Promoting his own events gave him the leg up to start his DJ career. He played successfully as MvdL at many of The Netherland’s top clubs and festivals.

Late 2012, Martijn van de Laar started to become more interested in dubby house music and decided to launch his current and most powerful moniker RAW Equipment. He was soon picked up by the Dutch scene and landed a residency with PIV.

The versatile musician is a founding member of Tripmode with Borren, Daniele Temperilli, Julian Anthony and Wiliam Caycedo. The crew form a solid part of Amsterdam’s underground scene with their legendary nights at the Atelier and their b2b2b2’s in Marktkantine or Ponton. 

The future is looking bright for RAW Equipment with heaps of new music coming out of his new studio as we speak.